Mytoddlr Explainer Video

Everything you need to power your nursery, all in one place.

mytoddlr is a new improved tool that helps you better manage your nursery and communicate with parents. Saving money, time and giving you that extra link to parents. Now isn’t that a beautiful thing?
The Project was straightforward, to depict how useful and effective the project would be for nursery administrators.

Client: Mytoddlr
Date: February 21, 2017
Services: Motion Deisign, Animation, 3D Rendering.


In that moment she realized she could spend less time on managerial tasks and more on caring for the little kids.

The solution:

Animation was perfect for showing, in an abstract way, how old traditional methods can really eat up your day. Things pile up and screens become cluttered, which makes everyone feel flustered and overwhelmed. With this video’s slick narration style, it becomes clear how mytoddlr helps smooth out the day so you spend more of your time catering to the little kids and can get on with more interesting and creative things.

Final Output

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